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a hip and happening community for fans of Murphy Brown

Heeey there, visitors. Welcome to murphy_fans. This, as I'm sure you can tell, is a comm devoted to the one, the only, Murphy Brown. Anything you can think of to post here is fair game: icons, fics, videos, articles, we love it all. Crank up some Motown and come join us; we don't bite... but Murphy might.

1.) The following things should go under lj-cuts:
- large images
- articles/anything overly lengthy
- all spoilers (If it was an important event that had some kind of emotional impact on you, then it's a spoiler. There's always going to be someone who hasn't seem something, so spoilers don't stop just because a show does.)
2.) The mods reserve the right to remove anyone at any time, and by anyone we mean crazies and trolls. We don't want any trouble.
3.) You're welcome to lock your post if you think that the content may not be suitable for a public entry. All entries in the comm's memories are locked.
4.) Want to introduce yourself? You can! Head over to this post and introduce away!

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